Monitoring Payees

Social Security laws and regulations require representative payees to use the benefits they receive for the current needs of the beneficiary. As payee you are responsible for keeping records and reporting on the use of benefits by completing a Representative Payee Report annually. This report is used to monitor how you, the payee spent and/or saved the benefits on behalf of the beneficiary and to identify situations where representative payment may no longer be appropriate or you, the payee may no longer be suitable. SSA sends an accounting report to all representative payees if any benefits were paid during the 12-month report period.

To protect our beneficiaries we are strengthening our policies and procedures. We have increased training, education and awareness to those who serve as payee. We are making periodic visits to organizations and volume individual payees to:

  • Review financial records,
  • Explain reporting requirements,
  • Answer questions, and
  • Obtain feedback from beneficiaries.

We have found that meeting at your organization provides an excellent opportunity to clarify procedures and improve the lines of communication between you and SSA. We are also committed to providing you with training and informational materials to help you meet your responsibilities as representative payees.

During these visits please ask any questions that will assist you in your role as representative payee or call your local Social Security office at any time.