Annual Wage Reporting

Note: Beginning December 4, 2009, our telephone agents will no longer verify SSNs for employers. Employers must use the SSNVS service to verify employee names and SSNs.

What's New

W-2 Online
  • Employers may now submit up to 50 W-2 forms to the SSA through W-2 Online (previously up to 20 W-2 forms).
  • Beginning with the 2012 tax year, employers may submit both current year (Tax Year 2012) and prior two years (Tax Years 2010-2011) W-2 forms electronically. Previously, only the current and prior year could be submitted electronically.
  • Beginning with the 2012 tax year, employee data submitted from the previous tax year will be accessible through W-2 Online. Users can choose any or all names, addresses, and SSNs for completion of the TY2012 W2s.  The data will only be available to the same user filing for the same employer.
  • 2-D barcodes added to the PDF files produced in W2Online.  This includes both the interim prints before submission as well as the final PDF produced after submission.  To accommodate the 2-D barcodes, the W2Online print will change from 4 forms per page to 2 forms per page.
Other Changes
  • The limit of number of W2Cs per submission is being increased from 5 to 25.
  • Recipients of resubmission notices will no longer need to confirm receipt of a resubmission notice.  W2, box 12, code Q for Military Basic Quarters and Subsistence Pay money field will be eliminated.
  • The Visual Basic versions of both AccuWage and AccuW2c  software downloads will be eliminated.  Only Java versions will be available.

Annual Wage Reporting

This regional wage reporting web site serves employers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. In addition, we have a national site for Employer W-2 Filing Instructions & Information. Some of the topics covered on the national site include:

Why Should I file my W-2s electronically?

  • It is free, fast and secure.
  • It saves time and reduces filing burden.
  • It offers a later filing deadline (electronic filers have until the last day of March vs. the last day of February for all other filers).
  • It provides an immediate receipt for proof of filing.
  • It is completely paperless process (no Forms 6559 needed), and more.

The first step in filing electronically is to register for a User ID and PASSWORD.

To learn more about filing W2 electronically, go to the What You Can Do Online page of our Employer W-2 Filing Instructions & Information site, or visit the links below.

Free Annual Wage Reporting Test Software

To test your electronic submission format, we offer free AccuWage software. Many employers have found this to be a valuable tool that assists them in submitting accurate wage report data.

Have You Heard About the Social Security Number Verification Service?

There are two Internet verification options you can use to verify that your employee names and Social Security numbers match Social Security's records. You can:

  • Verify up to 10 names and SSNs (per screen) online and receive immediate results. This option is ideal to verify new hires.
  • Or you can upload overnight files of up to 250,000 names and SSNs and usually receive results the next government business day. This option is ideal if you want to verify an entire payroll database or if you hire a large number of workers at a time.

Go to Verifying Social Security Numbers Online for information on registering and using our Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS). You may also read the SSNVS Handbook.

Why Should I Verify Names and SSNs Online?

  • It results in more accurate wage reports
  • It saves you processing costs
  • It reduces the number of W-2cs
  • It allows Social Security to properly credit your employees' earnings record, which will be important information in determining their Social Security benefits in the future, and more.

Social Security Number Randomization

The Social Security Administration changed the way we assign Social Security Numbers (SSNs). We implemented this change, known as randomization, on June 25, 2011.  For detailed information, please visit our SSN Randomization page on the SSA employer Web site. The page offers a link to a list of Frequently Asked Questions. You may also distribute a fact sheet to interested parties in your company about the change in assigning SSNs.


Would you like to verify Social Security numbers for all newly hired employees and also verify employment eligibility through a personal computer? If you answered yes to this question, you may be eligible to participate in a pilot sponsored jointly by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that enables you to complete these processes. If you want more information, go to DHS’s website and select “E-Verify.”

News for Employers

Regional Contact

Kelli Chappelow is the Kansas City Region's Employer Services Liaison Officer. She can be reached by phone at 816-936-5657, by fax at 816-936-5951 or by e-mail via the Internet at

She welcomes any questions employers, payroll services, bookkeeping services, or payroll software providers may have about the W-2 annual wage reporting process. Specifically, she can assist employers with:

  • W-2 filing procedure -- paper and electronic.
  • Notices from IRS and SSA about discrepancies between W-2 totals and employer tax return totals.
  • Problems with missing or incorrect W-2 reports.
  • Employee name and Social Security Number verification procedures.

Because Internet email is not secure, please do not send any personal information, especially Social Security numbers, in your questions to Kelli.

Tax questions should be directed to the Internal Revenue Service at 1 (800) 829-4933 or visit the IRS website and type “Employment Taxes” in the Keyword/Search Terms box. In addition, the IRS operates a centralized customer service site to answer questions about reporting on Forms W-2, W-3, 1099, and other information returns. If you have questions about reporting on these forms, you may call 1-866-455-7438 (toll free), or 1-304-263-8700 (not toll free). The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Eastern time.

Other Web Sites of Value to Employers

A list of other web sites that have helpful information for employers is also available on our national site. This list is provided for filer information only, and in no way implies an endorsement of these products or services by the Social Security Administration.