Paying Monthly Benefits

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Benefits

SSI benefits are paid of the 1st of the month. Unless the 1st falls on the weekend then the payments will be issued the Friday before the 1st.

RSDI (Retirement, Survivors and Disability) also referred to as SSA Benefits

Since June 1997 SSA delivers recurring RSDI benefits on four days throughout the month on the 3rd of the month and on the second, third and fourth Wednesdays of the month. If the Wednesday regularly scheduled for payment delivery falls on a Federal legal holiday, benefits will be paid on the first preceding day that is not a Federal legal holiday. Beneficiaries entitled to benefits prior to May 1997 received recurring RSDI benefits on the 3rd of the month and continue to be paid on the 3rd of the month. With limited exclusions, RSDI beneficiaries who filed claims on or after May 1, 1997, are assigned one of the three new payment dates based on their day of birth. All beneficiaries on a record will have the same payment day (the day of the birth of the person the Social Security number belongs to will decide the payment day) as follows.

Payment Days
Day of Birth Assigned Payment Day
1st – 10th Second Wednesday of the month
11th – 20th Third Wednesday of the month
21st – 31st Fourth Wednesday of the month


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