Facts About Our Region

  • We have 2,513 employees located in the Regional Office, the Mid-America Program Service Center, teleservice centers and field offices.
  • The 118 employees of the Kansas City Regional Office coordinate Social Security regional operations and provide administrative support for Social Security components.
  • The 1,148 employees of the Mid-America Program Service Center (MAMPSC) provide monthly checks and maintain payment records for more than 11 million people who receive about $13.1 billion in benefits each month based on Social Security numbers issued in 11 states.
  • The Kansas City Teleservice Center and their 217 employees are part of the world's largest 800 number network, providing toll-free service nationwide.
  • The 68 field offices in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska and their 1,019 employees serve 2.9 million people who receive monthly benefits totaling more than $3 billion.