Employee Benefits: Salary

For most SSA jobs, employees are paid according to the General Schedule (GS) classification and pay system. To view the 2012 GS salary chart for the Kansas City Region, please refer to the following link: Salary Table 2013-RUS.

Salary Increases

Under the GS classification and pay system, you are eligible to receive within-grade increases until you reach the highest step of your grade provided your performance is at the successful level and you have completed the required waiting period.

Payroll Deductions

Deductions are made for Federal income tax, State and local income taxes in some areas, Medicare and Social Security and/or retirement. You may also authorize deductions for life insurance, health insurance, savings bonds, the Combined Federal Campaign, Thrift Savings Plan, other benefit programs, and financial allotments.

Direct Deposit of Salary Payments

The payroll office will send all of your salary directly to your bank or other financial institution for deposit in your checking and/or savings accounts.


Every other Tuesday is designated as payday for SSA employees. Your salary payment will cover a 2-week pay period ending 10 days before payday. You will access your statement on-line that shows your gross and net salary as well as the amount taken out for each payroll deduction. After the end of the year, a Withholding Statement (Form W-2) for use in preparing your income tax returns, showing how much you earned and how much was withheld for tax purposes, will be mailed to you.