Employee Benefits: Work Schedules

Generally, employees work a full-time schedule of 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.  However, some employees work a part-time schedule from 16 to 32 hours a week.

Alternate Work Schedules

Some Social Security Administration (SSA) offices have alternatives to a fixed work schedule.  These alternatives take two forms, with some variations:  flextime with credit hours and compressed work schedules.


Refers to a variety of arrangements in which fixed times of arrival and departure are replaced by a working day composed of two different types of time - core time and flexible time.   Core time is the designated period during which all employees must be present.   Flexible time is designated as part of the scheduled working hours within which employees may choose their time of arrival and departure from the work site.

Flextime with Credit Hours

Allows employees to work additional time after completing their normal workday provided they have advance approval from their supervisor.  The additional time will be accrued for employees to use sometime in the future.

Compressed Work Schedule

Allows employees to work eight 9-hour days, one 8-hour day and take one day off in a bi-weekly pay period or work four 10-hour days each week of the bi-weekly pay period.  Check with the Personnel Office to determine the alternatives available.