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Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics

ORES is responsible for:

  • Conducting policy research and evaluation and sponsoring the Retirement and Disability Research Consortium;
  • Providing statistical data on OASDI and SSI program benefits, payments, covered workers, and other indicators;
  • Sponsoring special-purpose survey data collections and studies to improve data for research and statistics related to social security issues
  • Developing links between administrative record data and survey data for use in Social Security research and policy analysis;
  • Developing and operating microsimulation models that estimate the distributional effects of proposed changes in Social Security programs;
  • Disseminating research and statistical material through print and web publications; and
  • Ensuring the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of statistical data and participating in several interagency statistical programs and projects.
Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics Org Chart