Privacy Act Systems of Records Notices

The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a) requires each Federal agency to publish a notice in the Federal Register of each system of records that it maintains. A system of records is any grouping of information about an individual under the control of a Federal agency from which it retrieves information by the name, Social Security number, or some other personal identifier.

This compilation contains a notice of each system of records and related appendices that we maintain. We have published in the Federal Register each of the system of records contained in this compilation as required by the Privacy Act. We have updated the notices and appendices to include changes that we published in the Federal Register. We also include references to systems of records notices maintained by other agencies that we share with those agencies. For example, our employees are covered by systems of records notices published by us and the Office of Personnel Management.

Among other things, each notice describes the purposes for which we are collecting the records, the categories of persons and records that the system of records covers, identifies the official who is responsible for the particular system of records, and provides instructions persons should follow to determine if a system of records contains a record about them and how they can obtain a copy of any such record. The notices also discuss to what entities and persons we may disclose the information we collect.

You should direct any questions concerning this compilation to:

SSA Privacy Officer
Social Security Administration
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