Recommending a Favorable Decision for Your Client

On The Record Request

If you believe the evidence supports a fully favorable decision for your claimant, you may submit a brief to us, preferably before we hold a hearing. You may also submit a proposed check sheet.

What to Include in the Brief

Your brief should address each step in the sequential evaluation process (including any information on work performed since the claimant's alleged onset date), along with supporting rationale and references to the relevant evidence contained in the record (i.e. exhibit number, if available) that support your findings.

How to Submit a Brief

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • If you are a registered user of the Appointed Representative Services (ARS), you may submit your brief electronically. Select "On the Record Request" (i.e. OTRRQST) as the document type, to ensure that the hearing office reviews your request promptly. (If you did not register to use ARS, follow these instructions to sign up if you wish to do so.)
  • Additional instructions are available on the ARS Website.
  • You may also make a request via fax using the phone number shown on the bar-coded sheet received from the hearing office.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to your local Hearing Office.