About Grants

The Social Security Administration's Office of Acquisition and Grants (OAG) funds research and demonstration grants involving:

  • Old-Age Survivors Program
  • Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program

Social Security awards funds for innovative research and demonstrations, adding to existing knowledge and improving methods and techniques for managing, administering, and the effectiveness of SSA programs:

  • Research and Demonstration Grants

    Conduct social, economic, and demographic research on topics important to the SSDI and SSI programs, as well as the current and future well-being of beneficiaries.


    Retirement and Disability Research Consortium (RDRC)
    Analyzing Relationships between Disability, Rehabilitation, and Work (ARDRAW)

  • Service Grants

    Provide funding to support our beneficiaries in their efforts to return to work and to gain self-sufficiency and to conduct onsite reviews of individual and organizational payees.  Services afforded to our beneficiaries include:

    • Trial Work Period
    • Early referral for rehabilitation services
    • Greater use of employers and others in the rehabilitation and placement process

      Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program (WIPA)
      Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS)
      Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries (SPSSB/Rep Payee)