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Frequently Asked Questions - Grants

How do I apply for a grant from SSA?

When new grant opportunities are available, SSA publishes a notice with detailed instructions on its website www.SSA.gov and at www.grants.gov.  Applicants must submit applications through www.grants.gov for all programs.  Hard copy packages are available from SSA to applicants who do not have internet access when there is an open announcement soliciting grant applications.  The individual executing the application must be authorized to act for the applicant agency or organization and assume the obligations imposed by the terms and conditions of the grant.

Applicants having trouble with Grants.gov should contact the Grants.gov support staff at support@grants.gov, 1-800-518-4726.  If the issue is not resolved through the Grants.gov helpline and these problems prevent the submission of your application through Grants.gov, you may contact the SSA Grants Management Team for assistance.

For more details on the application process see the How Do I Apply page on our website.

Can I use my CCR Username and Password to log into SAM?

No. Your CCR username will not work in SAM.  You will need a new SAM User Account to register or update your entity records.  The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government system that consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.  There is NO FEE to register for this site.  Entities may register at no cost directly from this page.  User guides and webinars are available under the Help tab. 

How do I request payments?

All award recipients are required to establish electronic payment accounts with the Automated Standard Application Payments (ASAP) system.  To complete this process, please contact the SSA Financial Management Analyst responsible for your grant (Service Grants or Research Grants).  In the interim, you may email a Request for Advance or Reimbursement - SF 270 Form to the appropriate Financial Management Analyst.

When are my reports due? Is there a specific format?

Each grant program is different.  It is best to refer to the Terms and Conditions of your award for exact dates and reporting frequency.  However, we do offer templates and instructions for filling out the Federal Financial Report (SF-425) at these links: SF 425 Tip Sheet, SF 425 Form and Instructions.  Excel copies of the form are here: SF 425 Excel Sheet.  For information on Progress/Performance Report Templates, see 2 CFR 200.328 Monitoring and reporting program performance. If you do not find a template below, you should refer to the Terms and Conditions of your Notice of Award or you may contact your SSA Project Officer.

WIPA Quarterly Report Template

Do I have to report sub-awards to the Federal Spending Reporting System (https://www.fsrs.gov/)?

As part of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA), grantee organizations that use SSA grant funds to issue sub-awards to entities to perform portions of the goals and objectives of the grant are required to report sub-awards of $30,000 or more at the website listed above.  Please refer to the specific regulation for the reporting requirements (2 CFR Part 170) in the Regulations section of our webpage.  This reporting requirement does not apply to sub-awards that are issued to individuals.

What do I do with Program Income?

Any income you make from your award is considered program income and must be used to further program goals and objectives.  These funds may be spent on allowable expenses as outlined in your approved budget or you may return them to SSA at the address used to submit payment requests (see above). Refer to your award or 2 CFR 200.307 Program Income for additional guidance.

How do I calculate my Cost Share?

Non-Federal Match/Cost Share requirements vary across SSA programs.  Refer to the Terms and Conditions of your award or RFA for details.  Match is restricted to the same rules as the Federal funds.  If the line item expense is not allowable under the Federal award, it is not allowable as a cost share/match.
Cost share is based on actual expenditures and must be reported on the Federal Financial Report form SF 425 – Recipient Share (boxes 10 i-k).  This amount may differ from the amount you listed on your application and is reflected on your award notice.  For example, if you are awarded $100,000, your minimum cost share requirement is $5,263 (see example below for calculation).  However, if you spent $85,000, then your cost share will be less than $5,263. The Cost Share requirements is usually 5% of the Total Project costs and the Federal Share is 95%.  To identify what the Total Project Costs are, see the example below:

Step 1. Calculate the Total Project Costs (TPC): Federal Funds Expended ÷ .95 = TPC. For example,

$100,000 ÷ .95 = $105,263 (TPC)

Step 2. Calculate Cost Share TPC: Total Federal Funds Expended = Minimum 5% Cost share

$105,263 - $100,000 = $5,263 (Minimum 5% Cost Share)

It is very important that you maintain records which clearly show the source, the amount, and the timing of all matching contributions as match is also subject to audit requirements.

What are the disposition requirements for property and equipment after the grant program has ended?

When equipment is no longer needed to support the grant, you may dispose of it in accordance with State procedures and typically with no obligation to SSA.  However, it is best to contact your Grants Management Officer prior to disposal.  See 2 CFR 200.311 Real Property for more information.