Pain, evaluation of disability, SSR 95-5p

Pardon, Presidential, effect on benefits, SSR 78-7

Parental control and responsibilities, in her care, SSR 63-1

Parent's insurance benefits:

black lung, entitlement conditions, SSR 76-38c
claimant "in loco parentis," SSR 65-40
gratuitous wage credits, exclusion of Philippine Army service, SSR 74-26c
one-half support, SSR 75-26c
parent-child relationship under State law, SSR 68-21
proof of support requirement, SSR 63-16, SSR 64-19c, SSR 64-18c, SSR 66-15c, SSR 68-4c
relationship under Pennsylvania State law, SSR 74-25c

Parsonage, rental value in net earnings from self-employment, SSR 72-6


defined, SSR 64-9
distributive share includable in net earnings from self-employment, SSR 68-6c
exclusion of rental property income, SSR 85-19a
husband and wife, SSR 62-17, SSR 73-32, SSR 84-11
investment with limited partner, SSR 72-24
joint ownership of farm, SSR 61-29
owner-operator control, SSR 62-8
rentals from real estate, SSR 62-49


action for establishment entered after death of alleged father, California, SSR 77-11
denied, absence of father, SSR 77-24
denied, sterility of alleged father, SSR 73-52c
evidence of parent-child relationship, SSR 68-29, SSR 69-56, SSR 69-15
new and material evidence of paternity, res judicata, SSR 86-16a
oral acknowledgment, SSR 84-15
presumption of legitimacy of child, blood grouping tests, SSR 72-25
written acknowledgment, uncontradicted testimony, SSR 86-14c

Paternity of child previously legitimated under State law, disavowal, SSR 84-3

Patient helpers, employer-employee relationship, SSR 73-13

Payment errors, when calculated, SSR 92-7c

Payment in kind, SSR 70-43, SSR 70-11, SSR 70-10

Payment of benefits to a conservator, disappearance of beneficiary, SSR 90-6

Payment of retroactive title II/title XVI benefits, SSR 87-9c


in loco parentis, intestate distribution of estate, SSR 74-25c
services as school dentist, independent contractor status, SSR 73-54
tradesman's services, independent contractor status, SSR 72-34

Period of disability, computation rules for workers, SSR 81-26

Period of support, validity, SSR 71-11c

Personal or living expenses, deductibility, SSR 61-42

Personal services, dependency and support, SSR 60-23

Personal services, family or close friend relationship, SSR 61-44, SSR 61-6

Philippine Army service, gratuitous wage credit exclusion, SSR 74-26c

Physician, industrial, SSR 61-61

Place of hearing, SSR 77-3c

Plan or system, payments made on account of sickness or accident disability as wages, SSR 78-2

Pneumoconiosis: (see Black Lung Benefits)

chest roentgenographic (X-ray) evidence, SSR 75-5
presumption of disability, entitlement of survivors, SSR 77-6c
self-employed miner, SSR 73-24

Policemen, city of New Martinsville, West Virginia, SSR 69-7, SSR 72-35c

Policy Interpretation Rulings:

administrative actions that are not initial determinations, SSR 88-4
determining entitlement to disability benefits for months prior to January 1991 for widows, widowers and surviving divorced spouses claims, SSR 91-3p
determining medical equivalence in childhood disability claims when child has marked limitations in cognition and speech, SSI, SSR 98-1p
disclosure of material maintained by the Office of Hearings and Appeals, request under the Privacy Act or the Freedom of Information Act, SSR 92-1p
duration of impairment, (PPS-89), SSR 82-52
evaluating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, SSR 99-2p
evaluating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Type I/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSDS), SSR 03-2p
evaluation of claims involving the issue of "similar fault" in the providing of evidence, SSR 00-2p
evaluation of disability and blindness in initial claims for individuals age 65 or older, SSI, SSR 99-3p, SSR 03-3p
evaluation of obesity, SSR 00-3p
evaluation of pain and other symptoms, SSR 95-5p
"fee," State and local, Commissioner's ruling on definition, SSR 92-4p
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, duration requirement, SSR 93-2p
income -- when inheritances become income, SSI, SSR 97-1p
loan policy, applicability to advances of food and/or shelter, SSI, SSR 92-8p
mental incapacity and good cause for missing the deadline to request review, SSR 91-5p
prehearing case review by Disability Determination Services, new medical evidence submitted, SSR 97-2p
role of prescribed treatment in the evaluation of epilepsy, SSR 87-6
termination of entitlement based on presumed death, SSR 99-1p
use of vocational expert and vocational specialist evidence, and other reliable occupational information in disability decisions, SSR 00-4p
workers' compensation payments, SSI, SSR 94-2p

Practical nurse, SSR 62-30

Presumed death, termination of entitlement, SSR 99-1p


death of worker established, SSR 60-21, SSR 65-50
disability due to pneumoconiosis, entitlement due to survivors of miner, SSR 77-6c
lack of wages in absence of reporting, SSR 69-57c
legitimacy of child, SSR 62-35, SSR 67-11, SSR 77-24, SSR 80-27c
legitimacy of child, blood grouping tests, SSR 72-25
legitimacy of child born after death of worker, SSR 73-28
legitimacy of child born during wedlock, contested divorce case, SSR 83-37c
legitimacy of child, oral acknowledgment of paternity, SSR 84-15
legitimacy rebutted, sterility of alleged father, SSR 73-52
validity of last marriage, SSR 66-34, SSR 66-12c, SSR 68-63, SSR 72-61, SSR 62-37, SSR 62-36, SSR 66-44

Prison inmate, oral hearing, SSR 77-4

Private home defined, SSR 67-41a

Professional services, substantial services test, SSR 72-21c

Program Policy Statements (Rulings based on):

actions which are not initial determinations, SSI, (PPS-09), SSR 78-32
refunds of overpayments made in foreign currencies, (PPS-126), SSR 87-4
alien nonpayment provisions, exception based on citizenship in foreign country with a social insurance system, (PPS-91), SSR 83-8
application of presumptive disability and blindness provisions at appellate levels, title XVI, (PPS-27), SSR 78-31
averaging of earnings in determining whether work is substantial gainful activity, (PPS-109), SSR 83-35
basic disability evaluation guides, (PPS-74), SSR 82-53
benefit rates for widows and widowers who remarry after attaining age 60, (PPS-44), SSR 80-6
capability to do other work, the exertionally based medical-vocational rules met, (PPS-102), SSR 83-11
capability to do other work, the medical-vocational rules as a framework for evaluating a combination of exertional and nonexertional impairments, (PPS-105), SSR 83-14
capability to do other work, the medical-vocational rules as a framework for evaluating exertional limitations within a range ofwork or between ranges of work, (PPS-103), SSR 83-12
capability to do other work, the medical-vocational rules as a framework for evaluating solely nonexertional impairments, (PPS-119), SSR 85-15
computation rules for workers who had a period of disability, (PPS-59), SSR 81-26
counting of support and maintenance provided in certain private nonprofit institutions, SSI, (PPS-18), SSR 78-33
coverage of services of members of religious orders who work for third parties, (PPS-61), SSR 81-38
deducting impairment-related work expenses from earnings in determinations as to substantial gainful activity under titles II and XVI and as to countable earned income under title XVI, (PPS-114), SSR 84-26
deportation, month in which notice of deportation is received, (PPS-106), SSR 83-32
determination of substantial gainful activity for persons working in special circumstances, work therapy programs in military service, work activity in certain government-sponsored programs, (PPS-112), SSR 84-24
determination of substantial gainful activity if substantial work activity is discontinued or reduced, unsuccessful work attempt, (PPS-113), SSR 84-25
determination of substantial gainful activity of employees, use of earnings guidelines, gross vs. net earnings, subsidies, impairment-related work expenses, SSR 83-33
determining capability to do other work, the medical-vocational rules of Appendix 2, (PPS-101), SSR 83-10
determining whether work is substantial gainful activity, employees, (PPS-107), SSR 83-33
determining whether work is substantial gainful activity, self-employed persons, (PPS-108), SSR 83-34
disability claimant's capacity to do past relevant work, in general, (PPS-80), SSR 82-62
disability, refusal to accept vocational rehabilitation services, (PPS-05), SSR 78-24
duration of impairment, (PPS-89), SSR 82-52
effect of Presidential pardon or clemency discharge on Social Security benefits, (PPS-08), SSR 78-07
effective date of reduction in disability insurance benefits when workmen's compensation benefits are increased, (PPS-50), SSR 80-14
eligibility for SSI payments for one member of a couple previously declared ineligible due to excess income, (PPS-10), SSR 79-07
establishing the cessation date in a continuing disability case, (PPS-88), SSR 82-66
establishing the filing date of a supplemental security income claim based on an oral inquiry, establishing uniform time limits for an oral or written inquiry, (PPS-47), SSR 80-17
evaluation of drug addiction and alcoholism, (PPS-83), SSR 82-60
exception to sending advance notice concerning representative payment of benefits, (PPS-118), SSR 85-14
excess payment as a prerequisite for the imposition of a penalty deduction under section 1631(e)(2), (PPS-70), SSR 82-69
exclusions from income and resources of receipts from lands held in trust for certain Indian tribes, (PPS-36), SSR 79-28
exclusion from income of assistance based on need furnished by any State or political subdivision, (PPS-24), SSR 79-10
exclusion of housing assistance payments from income purposes for SSI purposes, (PPS-19), SSR 78-17
failure to follow prescribed treatment, (PPS-125), 87-06, (PPS-78), SSR 82-59
illegitimate children are deemed dependent if they can inherit intestate property from the insured parent, (PPS-40), SSR 79-35
implementing the District Court decision in Oliver vs. Califano to pay divorced husband's benefits, (PPS-41), SSR 79-36
inclusion of increases in workers' compensation and certain other public disability benefits in computing offset, (PPS-71), SSR 82-68
increase in delayed retirement credit, delayed retirement credit for widows or widowers, (PPS-37), SSR 79-26
increase in the amount of earnings used in determining when work activity is excluded as "services" for trial work period purposes, (PPS-38), SSR 79-38
international Social Security (totalization) agreements -- disclosure of information obtained from foreign countries, (PPS-66), SSR 82-42
international Social Security ("totalization") agreements, miscellaneous provisions, (PPS-56), SSR 81-08
interrupted workers' compensation offset, (PPS-35), SSR 79-20
loss of speech, (PPS-76), SSR 82-57
medical impairments that are not severe, (PPS-122), SSR 85-28
medical-vocational profiles showing an inability to make an adjustment to do other work, (PPS-79), SSR 82-63
onset of disability, (PPS-100), SSR 83-20
past relevant work, the particular job or the occupation as generally performed, (PPS-72), SSR 82-61
person convicted of a felony, (PPS-94), SSR 83-21
program for ongoing review of hearing decisions pursuant to section 304(g) of Public Law (P.L.) 96-265 Appeals Council's Review Authority, (PPS-62), SSR 82-13
proof of age, new development, (PPS-02), SSR 78-06
proof-of-age requirements for holocaust survivors, (PPS-57), SSR 81-16
reopening supplemental security income determinations at any time for "similar fault," (PPS-121), SSR 85-23
residual functional capacity for mental impairments, (PPS-120), SSR 85-16
role of prescribed treatment in the evaluation of epilepsy, (PPS-125), SSR 87-06
sequential evaluation process, (PPS-123), SSR 86-08
Social Security numbers, (PPS-23), SSR 79-18
status of illegitimate children under Maryland inheritance law prior to January 1970, (PPS-49), SSR 80-13
treatment of assistance to repair or replace excluded resources which are lost, damaged, or stolen, (PPS-52), SSR 80-26
treatment under SSI of reissued title II benefits when payee changes, (PPS-11), SSR 78-05
use of State plans for "grandfathering" of resources, (PPS-34), SSR 79-21
use of trust or escrow accounts in collection of attorney fees, (PPS-68), SSR 82-39
vocational relevance of the past work performed in a foreign country, (PPS-69), SSR 82-40
wages, backpay under a statute to an employee after age 62, (PPS-92), SSR 83-07
waiver of personal appearance at a hearing, (PPS-33), SSR 79-19
what constitutes "substantially all" State or local covered employment for purposes of excluding offset (against disability benefits), (PPS-90), SSR 83-09
work skills and their transferability as intended by the expanded vocational factors regulations effective February 26, 1979, (PPS-67), SSR 82-41

Proof of age:

conflicting records, SSR 60-18, SSR 60-17, SSR 63-26, SSR 72-19c, SSR 75-15c
court decree, effect on finding of Secretary, SSR 62-62c, SSR 65-34c
documents, determining probative value, SSR 72-02c
Federal census records, as evidence, SSR 67-38a
holocaust survivors, SSR 81-16
initial determination, date of birth revised more than 4 years, SSR 82-45a
new development, SSR 78-06
RIB, evaluation of evidence, SSR 75-14a

Proof of death:

fact and circumstances, SSR 60-21, SSR 64-05, SSR 65-50

Proration of SSI benefits, period of ineligibility due to stay in institution, SSR 86-07a

Public assistance household, residence, SSI, unearned income, SSR 81-24

Public disability benefit, disability insurance benefits subject to offset, SSR 86-06a

Public Health Service, waiver of civil service retirement annuity, SSR 62-52

Public institution, determining eligibility, AR 88-06(8)

Puerto Rican residence requirements, special age 72 payments, SSR 74-27c

Puerto Rico, notary public in, SSR 62-51

Putative marriage, validity under Colorado State law, SSR 80-02

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