Funding Opportunity Number: WIPA-WIP-15-001

This announcement is no longer open.


Social Security Administration, Office of Research, Demonstration, and Employment Support (ORDES)

Funding Opportunity Title and Number:
Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program -- WIPA-WIP-15-001

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number:
CFDA 96.00, SSA Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program

Social Security announces a Funding Opportunity for competitive applications to fund approximately 92 Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program (WIPA) projects.  These cooperative agreements are authorized under Section 1149 of the Social Security Act.  The purpose of the program is to offer beneficiaries community-based support to begin, maintain, or increase work activity. The projects selected will provide services for a particular service area as delineated in their application and in response to this announcement.  The Request for Applications (RFA) outlines the services and responsibilities for WIPA awardees and the CWICs they employ.

WIPA 2/24/15 - Transcript of Teleconference (PDF) (WORD)
WIPA 2/24/15 - Teleconference Agenda (WORD)

WIPA 2/24/15 - PowerPoint Slides (PPT)

Appendix A - WIPA RFA (WORD) (PDF)
State Maps (WORD) (PDF)
Map Descriptions (WORD) (PDF)

WIPA FAQs (PDF Versions):
Week 1 (2/12/2015)
Week 2 (2/26/2015)
Week 3 (3/6/2015)
Week 4 (3/13/2015)
Week 5 (3/19/2015)