USAJOBS connects job seekers with Federal government opportunities across the United States and around the world. Learn more about our application and hiring process through USAJOBS.

How can I get started on USAJOBS?

Step 1: Create Your USAJOBS Account

Create your USAJOBS account to sign into USAJOBS.

Step 2: Create Your USAJOBS Profile

Create your USABJOBS profile to share information with potential employers, autofill job applications, and improve your job search results.

Step 3: Create or Upload Your Resume

Create your resume on USAJOBS or upload your resume to your USAJOBS profile. You can store up to five unique resumes within your USAJOBS profile.

Step 4: Search for Jobs

Search for jobs on USAJOBS by keyword, occupation or job category, agency, location, salary range, and pay grade.

Step 5: Review the Job Announcement

Review the job announcement and pay close attention to the job qualifications and instructions on how to apply. If you have questions, please reach out to the contact listed in the job announcement.

How can I apply to job announcements on USAJOBS?

Step 1: Prepare Your Job Application

Prepare your job application by attaching your resume and other required documents.

Step 2: Submit Your Job Application

Submit your application to the agency. After you submit your application, go back to the application section of your USAJOBS account to verify that your application was submitted and that the agency received your application.

Step 3: Check Your Job Status

Check your USAJOBS account for job status updates. The job status updates will indicate if the agency is in the process of accepting or reviewing applications, has completed the hiring process, or has canceled the job.

What happens after the job announcement closes?

Step 1: Email Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation once your application is received. You will also receive emails throughout the application process to notify you of updates.

Step 2: Agency Review

Once the job announcement closes, the agency reviews your application to make sure you’re eligible and that you meet the job qualifications.

Step 3: Interviews

If you are considered for the position, the agency will reach out to schedule an interview.

Step 4: Tentative Job Offer

After interviews are complete, the agency will select candidates and contact them directly to extend a tentative job offer.

Step 5: Background Investigation

Once the offer is accepted, the agency will start the background investigation process. You will receive further instructions from the agency on how to complete this process or if you need to submit any documents.

Step 6: Final Job Offer

The job offer is final when the agency successfully completes the background investigation. The agency will contact you directly to set up a start date.