Human Resources

Learn more about our career paths in human resources.

What we do

At Social Security, our human resources professionals handle virtually all aspects of employee support functions, such as:

  • Recruitment.
  • Staffing.
  • Payroll.
  • Employee benefits, training, and counseling.
  • Career development.
  • Personnel security and suitability.
  • Labor relations.
  • Strategic workforce planning.
  • Position classification.
  • Reasonable accommodations.

We rely on human resources professionals to provide the best in personnel expertise and support through creativity, innovation, continuous improvement, and strategic collaboration.


Employee & Labor Relations Specialists

Handle complex labor-management issues by working with employees, three labor unions, and our managers to build a comfortable and productive atmosphere at work.

Human Resources Specialists

Administer all types of personnel programs after determining compliance with rules, policies, and regulations. Provide operational and support services in the areas of recruitment, classification, performance management, benefits, employee relations, labor relations, employee development, and more.