Acquisitions & Grants

Learn more about our career paths in acquisitions and grants.

What we do

The Office of Acquisition & Grants (OAG) is responsible for Social Security’s acquisition and grants programs in support of the agency’s mission and strategic goals, such as:

  • Directing the business management aspects of acquisition and grants programs.
  • Planning, awarding, and administering contracts and grants.
  • Providing support to other components by administering the agency’s purchase card program.
  • Operating Social Security’s Streamlined Acquisition System (SSASy).
  • Disseminating acquisition policy.

We rely on professionals in acquisitions and grants to provide guidance to fulfill the agency’s needs. Behind every service or benefit the agency offers to the public, there are numerous OAG contracts or grants.



Assist our acquisition professionals with costs and pricing analysis at various stages of the acquisition process. This includes providing in-depth analyses of, and recommendations related to, proposals submitted by potential contractors prior to contract award, as well as those submitted by contractors who are seeking modifications to existing awards.

Contract Specialists

Plan, negotiate, award, and administer contracts for a wide variety of supplies and services for the agency. Specialists are active participants throughout the acquisition process, from designing the best methods to use to acquire the supplies or services needed, to selecting the contractor best suited to meet the agency’s needs. Participate in acquisition planning, select a contractor who can best meet the agency’s needs, and administer contracts.

Grants Management Specialists

Plan, review for policy compliance, negotiate, award, and administer grants or cooperative agreements needed for research and demonstration programs, as well as those related to programs that provide protection and advocacy for certain Social Security’s beneficiaries. Grants Management Specialists work with critical agency programs and provide support and guidance to ensure all awarded grants and cooperative agreements comply with policy and regulation and represent sound business decisions.

Procurement Analysts

Advise on matters relating to both federal-wide and agency-specific acquisition policies and procedures. Procurement Analysts regularly research and provide guidance on acquisition-related questions for OAG staff, others outside of OAG involved in the acquisition process, and agency managers and executives. Procurement Analysts are also responsible for responding to requests for acquisition-related reports that originate with other federal agencies.