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General Information on Social Security Positions

Claims Specialist

Employees in these positions assist individuals in establishing entitlement to benefits under Social Security programs. You will have contact with the public either in face-to-face interviews or by telephone. These contacts will allow you to obtain, clarify and verify information which will be used to analyze claims and make decisions regarding entitlement to benefits.

Claims Specialist positions are located in each of our 107 field offices and at our processing center in Jamaica, New York.

Depending on your qualifications, you may enter these positions at either the GS-5 or GS-7 grade level with salaries (varied by geographic location) ranging from $33,949 to $39,053 at the GS-5 level and $42,053 to $48,375 at the GS-7 level. With good performance, you can expect regular promotions to the GS-11 level with current salary ranges (varied by geographic location) between $62,236 to $71,593. The training program for these positions is generally 13 weeks.

Benefit Authorizer

As a Benefit Authorizer, you will make direct phone or mail contact with the public providing assistance in a variety of areas related to benefit and payment amounts under various Social Security programs. Our Benefit Authorizer positions are located in Jamaica, New York, at our processing center.

Entry into this position, depending on your qualifications, is either at the GS-5 ($39,053) or GS-7 ($48,375) level. This position has promotion potential to the GS-9 level with a current salary of $59,173. A training program of 6 months is required to fully prepare a Benefit Authorizer for their duties.

Customer Service Representative/Telephone Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives provide assistance to the public by answering a wide variety of questions by interviewing the individual, investigating the situation and resolving the problem. Customer Service Representatives are located in each of our field offices and have face-to-face contact with the public; Telephone Customer Service Representatives are located in one of our three teleservice centers and have phone contact with the public.

Employees enter these positions at the GS-5 level with current salary ranges (varied by geographic location) from $33,949 to $39,053. With good performance, employees receive regular promotions to the GS-8 level with current salary ranges (varied by geographic location) from $46,572 to $53,574. The length of the training course for these positions is 8 or 9 weeks.

Legal Positions

The Social Security Administration also has a number of positions in the legal field including attorney, attorney-advisor, and attorney-examiner in either our Office of Hearings and Appeals or our Office of General Counsel. Bar membership is required for these positions.

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