Jobs With Social Security

Information on Salary and Benefits

Competitive starting salaries: between $31,628 to $35,662 at the GS-5 level, and $39,179 to $44,175 at the GS-7 level. (Salaries vary by geographic location.)

An excellent retirement program that includes a tax-deferred savings plan with matching contributions.

Low cost health and life insurance (the Government pays a portion of the costs).

13 vacation days a year (20 days after 3 years, 26 days after 15 years).

13 days paid sick leave each year with unlimited accumulation of unused sick leave.

10 paid Federal holidays.

Cash awards for adopted suggestions and exemplary work performance.

Compressed and flexible work schedules.

Elder care and child care referral assistance programs.

Training opportunities.

Opportunities for advancement include not only progressively responsible claims positions, but also positions in the legal field, computers and management.

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