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Who to Contact New England
The Boston Region provides service to more than 300,000 employers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  Jonathan Mclnnis is the Employer Services Liaison Officer.  You may contact him by email at or phone 617-565-2895. He is available to answer your questions concerning:

bullet gif W-2 paper or electronic reporting
bullet gif Social Security Number verification process
bullet gif Notices from IRS and SSA on reporting discrepancies
bullet gif Missing or incorrect W-2 submissions

Electronically Filing Your Annual W2 Wage Report
SSA encourages employers to submit their W-2/W-2C reports electronically over the Internet.  The benefits of electronic filing include an extended due date, electronic receipt, ability to track W-2/W-2C reports, and it's paperless.

The first step in filing electronically is registering for a User ID and Password
To register go to:

To learn more about filing W2s electronically go to:

Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS)
The employee's name and social security number reported on the W-2 must match the information contained in Social Security's records.  This will ensure Social Security properly credits the wages to the correct employee.  Social Security offers to employers a free verification service called SSNVS. 
For more information go to:

To download SSA publications for employers go to:


If you have a question on employer wage reporting, please contact Jonathan Mclnnis at (617) 565-2895 or by email at