Death date, 7-year absence, SSR 76-01c

Death, presumed, termination of entitlement, SSR 99-1p

Debt as an encumbrance in determining equity value, SSI, resources, SSR 81-37

Debt account credited only with amount received in U.S. dollar value, SSR 87-04

Deductions for refusal to accept vocational rehabilitation, SSR 64-13, SSR 78-24

Deductions on account of work:

amounts exceeding paid-travel expenses as wages, SSR 63-18, SSR 87-03c
bonus pay, SSR 60-26
computation of earnings, SSR 61-57
deemed wages, military service, SSR 69-47
earnings, inclusion of all, SSR 68-06c
family maximum, SSR 62-07
income from valid trust created by life beneficiary and sole trustee, SSR 67-07
noncash payment exclusion, SSR 67-41a
royalties, SSR 67-52
salesmen expenses, exclusion from wages, SSR 76-33
services performed in a prior year, SSR 88-08c
shift of earnings, SSR 63-42c
short taxable year, excess earnings, SSR 64-58
Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, SSR 61-40
special retirement payments, SSR 62-09
substantial services, SSR 64-38, SSR 65-41c, SSR 65-23c, SSR 65-06, SSR 66-18c, SSR 68-06c, SSR 76-21c
vacation pay, SSR 62-10

"Defeat the purpose of title II" defined, SSR 65-24c

Deferred compensation payments, adjustment, SSR 74-01a

Deferred compensation payments, wages, SSR 73-30, SSR 75-02

Dependency and support:

acknowledgment in writing of agreement to support child, SSR 77-23
adopted child, constitutionality of support exception, SSR 71-43c
adoption of grandchild, SSR 74-16
child adopted after worker's entitlement to disability insurance benefits, SSR 71-01a
child adopted after worker's entitlement to retirement insurance benefits, AR 86-16(2), AR 86-12(9)
claimant "in loco parentis," SSR 65-40
contributions in kind, SSR 61-02
deemed illegitimate dependent children, inheritance of intestate property from the insured parent, SSR 79-35
deemed stepchildren, invalid ceremonial marriage, SSR 77-01c
dependency of child adopted after entitlement to benefits, reliance by worker on information from an official source, SSR 83-39a
duration of time, SSR 61-52
husband's benefits, constitutionality of dependency requirement, SSR 77-26c
illegitimate child, evaluating contributions to support, AR 86-21(2), AR 86-15(6), AR 86-14(4), AR 86-13(3), AR 86-23(9), AR 86-22(4)
illegitimate child, living with or contributing support, SSR 77-31, SSR 77-02
in loco parentis, Pennsylvania State law, SSR 74-25c
inheritance rights from natural father, SSR 73-27
parent's support, SSR 63-16, SSR 64-19c, SSR 64-18c, SSR 66-15c, SSR 68-04c
personal services, value, SSR 60-23
prospective effect of inheritance statute, Wisconsin, SSR 85-17
sibling claimant for black lung benefits, SSR 74-33, SSR 77-19c, SSR 77-07c
stepchild, change in support situation, SSR 71-11c, SSR 87-01c
stepchild, dependency on wage earner while natural father living, SSR 78-19c

Deportation, nonpayment of benefits, 87-12c, 83-32, 78-21c, 75-27a, 68-45, SSCD 60-1


benefit amount for widow's insurance, worker entitled to reduced old-age insurance benefits prior to death, SSR 86-01a
date of death, 7-year absence refuted, SSR 72-01c
disability issues by Secretary in single hearing, SSR 74-06c
emergency advance payments, not subject to administrative or judicial review, SSI, SSR 86-03c
initial, administrative actions, SSR 88-04
initial determination, finality of decision, SSR 71-02c
reopening at any time for similar fault, SSI, SSR 85-23


age, chronological use of, age criterion of the vocational factors regulations, SSR 82-46c
alcoholism, SSR 80-05c
burden of proving residual functional capacity at step five of the sequential evaluation, AR 00-4(2)
claims filed under both the Social Security Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, SSR 00-1c
combination of impairments, ability to do light work, SSR 81-35c
continuance or cessation of disability or blindness, SSR 90-05c
date of onset, SSR 83-20
deducting impairment-related work expenses, SSR 84-26
determinations, use of age factor, medical-vocational guidelines, AR 88-01(11)
drug addiction and alcoholism evaluation, SSR 82-60
entitlement to benefits for months prior to January 1991 for widows, widowers and surviving divorced spouses claims, SSR 91-03p
establishing cessation date, SSR 82-66
evaluating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, SSR 99-2p
evaluating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Type I/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSDS) under titles II and XVI, SSR 03-2p
evaluating Interstitial Cystitis, SSR 02-2p
evaluation guides, basic, SSR 82-53
evaluation of epilepsy, SSR 87-06
evaluation of pain and other symptoms, SSR 95-5p,
evaluation of symptoms, SSR 87-19c,
evidentiary requirements for determining medical equivalence to a listed impairment, AR 00-2(7)
exclusion from offset based on substantially all State and local covered employment, SSR 83-09
failure to follow prescribed treatment, SSR 82-59, SSR 87-06
"highly marketable skills" offset disadvantage advancing age may present in obtaining employment, AR 95-1(6), AR 99-2(8), AR 99-3(5)
inability to perform previous work, SSR 87-11c, AR 93-01(4)
medical-vocational guidelines, SSR 83-05a
presumption of, due to pneumoconiosis, eligibility of survivors of miner, SSR 77-06c
reduction to zero due to receipt of State disability payments, SSR 92-02a
res judicata, SSR 71-32c
sequential evaluation process, SSR 86-08
"similar fault", possibility of involvement in support of claim, SSR 00-2p
standards for children, SSR 91-07c
termination of benefits, recipient enrolled in an approved vocational rehabilitation program and has medically recovered, AR 86-04(3), AR 86-05(9)
use of vocational expert and vocational specialist evidence, and other reliable occupational information in disability decisions, SSR 00-4p
validity of the severity of impairment regulation, SSR 88-03c

Disability Determination Services' receipt of pending claims from Office of Hearings and Appeals when new medical evidence is submitted, SSR 97-2p

Disability, evaluation of impairment:

break in continuity of disability, SSR 68-64c
cessation, determinable by Secretary in single hearing, SSR 74-06c
combination of impairments, SSR 81-35c, SSR 90-05c
drug addiction and alcoholism, SSR 82-60
duration requirement, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), SSR 93-02p
duration, 12-month requirement, SSR 82-52
evaluation of claimant's subjective complaints and credibility, SSR 87-19c
evaluation of disability and blindness in initial claims for individuals age 65 or older, SSI, SSR 99-3p, SSR 03-3p
evaluation of epilepsy, role of prescribed treatment, SSR 87-06
evaluation of obesity, SSR 00-3p, SSR 02-1p
expiration of insured status, SSR 69-38
invalidity of judicially imposed deadlines in the administrative appeals process, SSR 84-22c
job availability, SSR 64-47c
loss of speech, SSR 82-57
medical impairments that are not severe, SSR 85-28
medical-vocational rules and guidelines, SSR 83-14, SSR 83-12, SSR 83-11, SSR 83-10, SSR 85-15, AR 87-02(11), AR 01-1(3)
onset of disability subsequent to expiration of insured status, SSR 74-08c
scope of review on appeal, AR 92-02(6)
significant work-related limitation of function, AR 93-1(4), AR 98-2(8)
symptoms in mental disorders, SSR 85-16
validity of severity of impairment regulation, SSR 88-03c
work ability, substantial gainful activity, SSR 76-04a

Disability insurance benefits:

ability to perform sedentary work, constitutionality of medical-vocational guidelines, SSR 82-47c
annuity awarded in a workmen's compensation settlement, SSR 81-32
averaging of earnings in determining whether work is substantial gainful activity, SSR 83-35
beginning of waiting period, SSR 83-04c
black lung benefits, SSR 76-05c
deceased beneficiary, validity of subsequent application, SSR 75-06
deductions, refusal to accept vocational rehabilitation, SSR 64-13, SSR 78-24
determining whether work is substantial gainful activity, employees, SSR 83-33
duration of inability to engage in substantial gainful activity, SSR 73-07c
earnings requirement, railroad service, SSR 70-20c
effective date of reduction, workmen's compensation benefits increased, SSR 80-14
effect of prior findings on adjudication of subsequent claim, AR 94-02(4), AR 00-1(4)
eligibility of grandfatherees for SSI benefits not determinative, SSR 86-05c
evaluation of work activity of self-employed persons, SSR 83-34
felony conviction, suspension of payment, SSR 83-21, SSR 87-02a
five-month waiting period, SSR 85-20c
hearsay medical evidence as "substantial evidence" -- use of medical advisers, SSR 71-53c
inability to perform previous work, SSR 82-36c, SSR 82-35c, SSR 82-34c, SSR 83-46c
individuals who are illiterate and unable to communicate in English, AR 86-03(5)
insured status, SSR 79-15c
insured status, constitutionality, SSR 78-22c
insured status, overtime payments under Federal civilian employment, SSR 76-03c
interpreting the statutory blindness provision, SSR 90-05c
invalidity of judicially imposed deadlines in the administrative appeals process, SSR 84-22c
judicial review, res judicata, SSR 71-32c
legal adoption after entitlement, dependency requirements, SSR 71-01a
military service wage credits, SSR 65-12, SSR 68-11, SSR 79-15c
onset of disability prior to age 22, SSR 80-04c
public disability benefits, inclusion of increases in workers' compensation, SSR 82-68
reduction due to receipt of lump sum workers' compensation payment -- New Hampshire, SSR 92-06c
reduction for receipt of a public disability benefit under Florida's retirement system, SSR 86-06a
reduction for receipt of workmen's compensation payments, SSR 72-50, SSR 74-21c, SSR 82-05, SSR 82-04
reduction of benefits, lump-sum payment of workmen's compensation benefits paid into an irrevocable trust, SSR 81-20
reduction of benefits, lump-sum workers' compensation settlement, reopening for error of law, SSR 85-06c
reduction of benefits, workmen's compensation paid under Florida law, SSR 83-29c
reduction of child's benefits upon worker's receipt of workmen's compensation payments, SSR 74-09c
reopening of determination, SSR 68-12a
retroactivity of application, SSR 72-63c
right to subpoena an examining physician for cross-examination purposes, AR 91-01(5)
seamen, benefits under Jones Act, SSR 70-57a
significant work-related limitation of function, AR 93-01(4)
simultaneous entitlement to other benefits, SSR 69-05
special age 21 to 31 provision, SSR 69-30, SSR 72-45c
substantial gainful activity, SSR 76-04a, AR 93-02(2)
suspension of benefits for inmates of penal institutions, constitutionality, SSR 83-28c
terminated without prior hearing, SSR 76-23c
trial work months, SSR 65-62, SSR 69-46
trial work period, AR 88-3(7), AR 92-6(10), AR 98-1(8), AR 00-5(6)
unearned income, SSI, SSR 82-23
vocational factors regulations, constitutionality, SSR 83-47c
vocational rehabilitation, refusal to accept, SSR 64-13, SSR 78-24
wife under age 65 also entitled to wife's benefits, SSR 64-16
work activity, overpayment, SSR 72-28c
workmen's compensation reduction, SSR 69-24, SSR 70-45c, SSR 76-34c, SSR 87-20c

Disabled widow's benefits:

expiration of eligibility period, SSR 74-14c
immediate appealability of a court remand order, SSR 91-02c
level of severity requirements, SSR 74-31c

Disabled worker, special age 21 to 31 provision, SSR 69-30, SSR 72-45c

Disappearance of beneficiary, restriction against payment of benefits, SSR 90-06

Disappearance of beneficiary, time of death, SSR 72-01c

Disaster Relief Act of 1970, inventory losses, SSR 74-17

Disclosure of information obtained from foreign countries, totalization agreements, SSR 82-42

Disclosure of material maintained by the Office of Hearings and Appeals, request under the Privacy Act or the Freedom of Information Act, SSR 92-01p

Disposal of real property, unaccountable resource, SSR 80-12

Disposition of underpayment, SSR 80-34c

Divisor months, average monthly wage, noncovered employment, SSR 74-11c

Divisor months, exclusion of pre-1965 physician services, in computation, SSR 74-12c


"a vinculo matrimonii," SSR 69-01
annulment, validity of decree, SSR 65-56
decree recorded after worker's death, validity under State law, SSR 72-62
domicile of one party within a jurisdiction, SSR 61-08, SSR 64-41, SSR 65-04, SSR 66-01, SSR 67-10c
effect of foreign ex parte decree on court order of support, SSR 73-10a
effect on benefits of wife under age 62 with child in her care, constitutionality, SSR 77-22c
Haitian, validity of, SSR 75-16, SSR 91-04
interlocutory decree, effect on relationship, SSR 65-36c
Mexican, SSR 61-65, SSR 62-68, SSR 62-37, SSR 66-01
Mexican, validity of, SSR 72-61
misnomer of parties, validity of decree, SSR 68-02, SSR 70-33
nunc pro tunc court order, SSR 70-33
status of deemed divorced wife, SSR 83-01a
SSI, effect on, SSR 76-41
termination of subsequent marriage, purported foreign divorce, choice of law, domicile, SSR 88-15c
validity, obtained outside State, SSR 72-03
validity of last marriage, SSR 62-37, SSR 85-04c, SSR 87-05c
validity under State law, SSR 61-65, SSR 61-08, SSR 64-41, SSR 65-04, SSR 70-21, SSR 84-18
void, SSR 72-51, SSR 72-11

Doctor, resident, monies paid by hospital, State and local coverage, SSR 78-03

Documentary evidence of age, SSR 60-18

Domestic service, SSR 61-44, SSR 61-06, SSR 64-61c

Domestic service, identity of employer, SSR 62-29, SSR 67-41a, SSR 72-57

Domestic service in private home of son, wages, SSR 73-31

Domestic service wage exclusion, SSR 76-12c


change of, validity of adoption decree, SSR 72-60
common-law marriage, State law, SSR 72-26
decedent outside U.S., District of Columbia law, SSR 69-21a
divorce by court of another jurisdiction, SSR 64-41
divorce, validity of, SSR 72-51, SSR 72-11, SSR 75-16
presumption of legitimacy of child, blood grouping tests, SSR 72-25
purported foreign divorce, choice of law, termination of subsequent marriage, 88-15c requirement for valid divorce, SSR 61-08, SSR 65-04, SSR 66-01, SSR 67-10c

Duration requirement, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), SSR 93-02p

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