EWR Web Service

The Electronic Wage Reporting Web Service (EWRWS) is for developers of payroll and tax reporting software, as well as payroll service providers, who wish to enhance their offering by developing a web service client for electronically filing wage reports with SSA in the EFW2 format. Currently, wage data can be submitted to SSA through Business Service Online (BSO) and Electronic Data Transfer (EDT). The EWR Web Service is an additional option for companies who act as Consolidators, defined as companies who serve as conduits to receive wage data from their customer base that in turn generate the wage information in EFW2 file format and electronically submit the wage files securely to SSA with their information specified as the Submitter. This service can also retrieve the status of submissions it has transmitted to SSA.

Although SSA cannot provide development support for your web service client, we do provide a development guide, a testing environment, and troubleshooting support. Review the EWR Web Service Client Development Reference Guide to determine what you will need to create a Web Service client.

EWR Web Service Support

EWR Web Service Startup Guide.

EWR Web Service Client Development Reference Guide.

External Testing Environment (ETE) User Agreement.

Web Services Definition Language (WSDL).

Frequently Asked Questions.

Email your technical questions about the EWR Web Service to our technical support email address.

Visit our Customer Support for Wage Reporting page for information about contacting SSA with general wage reporting questions, including those about BSO registration and access to BSO accounts.

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