Glossary of Terms

Activation Code
An alphanumeric value code sent by SSA to the employer or registered User ID holder when access to certain services is requested. This code must be entered on the Activate Access to BSO Services web page the first time the user attempts access to the requested service.
The act of proving the identity of an individual.
Business Services Online; a suite of Internet services for businesses and employers to exchange information with SSA.
BSO News
An electronic newsletter that provides important updates and information regarding SSA Business Services Online.
Business Services Online Tutorial
An online training lesson that instructs the user on how to use BSO. It is for employers and submitters who would like to explore the business services available through BSO.
Confirmation Number
A 16-position alphanumeric number used to uniquely identify each name and SSN verification request submitted after 8/25/07.
Employer Identification Number; a nine (9)-digit number the IRS assigns to an entity to identify businesses as taxpayers.
Electronic File
A specifically formatted file submitted electronically for overnight processing via the Submit a File for SSN Verification - Submit Your File web page.
Employer's EIN
The Employer Identification Number of the employer for whom the employee(s) work; for Third Party verifications, use the client's EIN.
Employer Reporting Branch (ERB) personnel
SSA employees who serve as the primary telephone answering point for general inquiries received from employers and third-party payroll service providers.
Employee Verification Service (EVS)
EVS matches your record of current or former employee names and SSNs with SSA's records.
Internal Revenue Service; a United States government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law.
Integrated Registration Services; the SSA Internet registration application for BSO.
De-identifying confidential data to safeguard the privacy of client data.
A name and SSN verification request that does not match SSA's records.
A unique combination of eight (8) letters and numbers that must be entered to gain access to BSO.
Social Security Administration; an independent agency of the United States government that manages the United States' insurance programs, consisting of retirement, disability, survivor benefits and Supplemental Security Income.
Social Security Number; a unique nine (9)-digit number assigned by SSA to identify an individual when reporting wages, paying taxes and collecting benefits.
Social Security Number Verification Service; an online service provided by SSA that allows registered users to verify employee names and SSNs against SSA's records.
Provides important updates and information regarding SSN verification.
Strictly limited to organizations that contract with employers to either handle the wage reporting responsibilities or perform an administrative function directly related to annual wage reporting responsibilities of hired employees.
Tracking Number
An eight (8)-position alphanumeric number used to uniquely identify each name and SSN verification request submitted before 8/25/07.
User Certification Statement
A statement to which a BSO registered user must attest, certifying they have read, understood and agreed to the terms of use for BSO.
User ID
User Identification Number; a unique value issued by SSA to the user at BSO registration that identifies the individual. This value must be entered to gain access to BSO.
The act or process of establishing the truth, accuracy or reality of something.