Maintaining Your Registration Information

Use the Manage Account section of the BSO Main Menu web page to:

  • View/Edit your account info,
  • Change you password, and
  • Disable your account.

These features are discribed below.

View / Edit Account Info

Select the View / Edit Account Info link under Manage Account and then select the Edit Personal Information button to change or add to the contact information you provided during registration. The e-mail address you provided during registration allows the Social Security Administration (SSA) to send you an e-mail notice when it is time to change your password. In addition, you will receive BSO News, which provides important wage and tax reporting updates.


The Social Security Number (SSN) and Employer Identification Number (EIN) fields cannot be updated. You must re-register to enter new information in these fields.

Change Password

Select the Change Password link under Manage Account. For additional information on how to change your password, see the section "Changing Your Password" under the Registration section of this handbook.

Disable Account

Select the Disable Account link under Manage Account to deactivate your User ID in the event that you leave the company, your User ID is disclosed to an unauthorized party or for any other reason. The prompt User ID deactivation helps to ensure the security of the information you provide to SSA.

If you require help with deactivating your User ID, or if you wish to deactivate an obsolete User ID belonging to another person, call the Employer Reporting Assistance number at the beginning of this handbook.

Deactivating your own User ID does not prevent you from obtaining a new User ID.