Status and Retrieval Results

When your file has been processed, you may download and/or view the results on the Status and Retrieval Results web page.

The status and retrieval results are displayed in a table; for a full explanation of each column, click on the column header. This opens a new browser to the SSNVS Help web page, which is only accessible when logged into SSNVS.

  • For 10 or less SSNs submitted, the results may be downloaded or viewed online.
  • For more than 10 SSNs submitted, the results may be downloaded only.


For security reasons, if the record has a verification code of 3, 6 or if the Verification Results field is "blank", the first five (5) positions of the SSN will be masked with an "X".

If the file is in process or was not processed due to a format error or failed unzip, the Record Submitted and Available Through fields will be blank.

Status Explanation
Available The file is ready for viewing or downloading.
Downloaded The file is available and already has been downloaded.
Format or Surface Errors The file was rejected. At least one (1) record in the file did not have the correct length of 130 characters, more than 50% (when less than 100 records) or 100% (when more than 100 records) of the Name and SSN records in the file failed edits.
Failed Unzip The file either was not compatible with PKZip or contained multiple files.
In Process Except for peak submission periods, file results will usually be available the next government business day.
Not Available The file is more than 30 days old and can no longer be viewed or downloaded. See Available Through explanation below.
Unable To Process - Resubmit The file could not be processed and must be resubmitted.
Viewed The file is available and has already been viewed.

Depending on the number of results returned, select the Download or View link in the Retrieval Option(s) column.

Retrieval Options(s) Explanation
Download Select to download your file results.


You may have to associate the downloaded file with your default text editor or save the downloaded file as a text file.

View Select to view your file results.


This option is available only if there are 10 or less SSNs submitted for verification.

Available Through

Users are able to view or download the results for 30 days from the day they become available. After 30 days and up to two (2) years, users can only view the status of their files. During the period files are available, users can download or view them an unlimited number of times.

Other links that appear on this screen allow you to display context-related help.