Status and Retrieval Options

To view the Status and Retrieval web page, select the View Status and Retrieval Information link on the BSO Main Menu web page. The Status and Retrieval web page enables users to view the status of electronic files submitted for overnight processing.

There are three (3) options for checking file status:

Option 1: Confirmation or Tracking Number

To view the status of an individual file:

  • Type the 16-position alphanumeric confirmation number or the eight (8)-position alphanumeric tracking number you received when your file was submitted.
  • Select the Submit button.

Option 2: Date Range

To view the status of all the files you submitted within a date range:

  • Type the beginning and ending dates into the Range Start Date and Range End Date fields.
    The Date Range must:
    • Contain eight (8) digits in the MMDDYYYY format, where:
      • MM is the month; enter a value 01 through 12.
      • DD is the day; enter a value 01 through 31.
      • YYYY is the year; enter the first two (2) digits of the century followed by a value of 00 through 99.
    • Be within two (2) years of the current date.
    • Not be later than the current date.
  • Select the Submit button.

Option 3: All Submissions

To view the status of the most recent 100 submissions within the last two (2) years, select the Submit button. If the file you are searching for is not displayed, focus your search by using Option 1 or 2.