Getting Help

Help Link

To access the SSNVS Help web page, you must be logged into SSNVS. The Help button is in the left hand corner of each SSNVS web page and opens in a new browser window.

Contact SSA

You may either speak with or e-mail a Social Security Administration (SSA) representative. To speak with a representative, refer to the Contact Information section. To e-mail a representative:

  • Select the Contact SSA link at the top or bottom of any SSNVS web page. This will open the Contact SSA web page in a new browser window.
  • Select Social Security Number Verification Service Support Team from the drop-down menu of the Recipient field.
  • Enter your message in the Message field. Please be as specific as possible, and include:
    • The question or problem,
    • Web page details (e.g., title, URL, etc.),
    • Any error messages received,
    • A telephone number where we may contact you, and
    • Any other relevant information.