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Manage Social Security benefits

Complete various tasks to manage your Social Security benefits. If needed, you'll be asked to sign in to your account first. 

For Medicare updates, visit our Medicare page to see how to manage your plans. 


Get a benefit letter

Download a benefit letter to show that you get benefits, have submitted an application, or don't get benefits.

Switch to a different benefit

Submit a new application to switch benefits, like changing from Survivor to your own Retirement benefit. 


Direct deposit

Edit details about your bank account so we can continue to deposit your monthly benefit check on time. 


Pay us back or request a waiver if your benefit amount was more than it should have been.

Tax form (1099/1042S)

Download a copy of your 1099 or 1042S tax form if you didn't receive it in the mail.

Tax payments and withholdings

Request to pay taxes on your Social Security benefit throughout the year instead of paying a large bill at tax time.


Check the schedule to see when you'll get your benefits.

Changes and planning

Report changes to personal details

Let us know when details about your personal situation change. This includes things like getting a new job, getting married, and moving to a new home.

Identify someone to manage benefits for you

Tell us who should manage your benefits if you become unable to manage them in the future.

Cancel your benefits application

You can cancel your application up to 12 months after your benefit approval.